The Mboka Festival organisers support charities that work with children, youth  and education.

Roots Nursery School fell in the storm
Roots Nursery School fell in the storm

Roots Nursery School

The Roots Nursery School is located in the Sambuyang Madikulay village of The Gambia. The village has a population of 8,000 people; however, with only one other nursery in the area, hundreds of children are left loitering in the streets, waiting for a place. Once built, the Roots Nursery School will provide free education for 300 children aged between 3 and 6. There will be three grades and 3 classes in each grade. The School also aims to create a daycare centre.

Education is the key to development. In the new Sambuyang village of The Gambia, almost 90% of the inhabitants are illiterate. By focusing on the younger generation, the Roots Nursery School seeks to create a better future for the village.

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